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Danish Aircraft Painting is located in Odense
in the center of Denmark on the island Funen

When your aircraft is comming in for painting, an inspection of your aircraft is made to dertermine if there are damages or areas which need our attention.

The aircraft will then be masked up, either for a sanding or for a chemical stripping. After the aircraft carefully has been stripped down, another inspection is made again for corrosion, cracks or other damages. If any corrosion etc. is found, digital pictures are taken and sent to you, and the damages will be rectified before continuing the work. Cleaning and treament against corrosion is made, and your aircraft is now ready for painting.​

Wash primer and epoxy primer are applied, a urethane surfacer is then applied and sanded smooth before three coats of Alumigrip or Sherwin-Williams Jet Glo polyurethane topcoat is sprayed onto the aircraft. Finally decor stripes and placards finish off an excellent paint job.

Your aircraft now looks brand new and beautiful again, and you can take pride in preserving the value of your aircraft.​


Danish Aircraft Painting ApS
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Lufthavnvej 131, Hangar 55
5270 Odense N, Denmark


Tlf.: (+45) 4012 5535