Our passion and expertise

Our passion and expertise

Completion by Danish Aircraft Painting

Mechanical Sanding

Less time-consuming in downtime

Chemical Stripping

Total removal of old paint and best opportunity for complete skin-inspection, minimum weight – more fuel-efficiency and max payload


Approved Type rated Primer- system, appliance for best protection against corrosion, designed to physically bond itself to the substrate

Sanding Surfacer

For VIP and exceptional finishes, fill and cover surface imperfections to create a smooth surface for topcoat application.


High solids topcoat created for use on high performance general aviation, business jet, military and commercial aircraft.

Décor Stripes, Detaling and Company Logos

High Solid and or Metallic Acrylic Urethane creats resistant to Chipping and UV exposure Long-lasting, high gloss finish, Salt, Chemical, and Hydraulic fluid resistant


Exhibits outstanding gloss and gloss retention upon weathering, Excellent Distinctness of Image, provides durability and a smooth finish to Metallic finishes


Leading edges, inlets and spinner to a mirror surface


Reinforce the aircraft paint from extreme weather-conditions.

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